The Latest ‘Locked On Hawks’ Podcast

If you’re a Hawks fan and you aren’t subscribed to the ‘Locked On Hawks‘ podcast, you’re doing it wrong.  The podcast, which is the Hawks’ branch of the Locked On Podcast Network, is run by Brad Rowland.  Rowland is also the czar of Peachtree Hoops, SB Nation’s Atlanta Hawks website.  I would argue Peachtree Hoops has the most comprehensive coverage of the Hawks that you’ll find, so the site is definitely worth bookmarking.

Rowland had me on the podcast Tuesday night, and for the first time, I was able to speak candidly on the state of the team.  We talked about John Collins, Taurean Prince, drama with Mike Budenholzer, a pair of Mizzou players who may be first-round targets of the Hawks, and much more.  Give it a listen on iTunes or on Peachtree Hoops:

A few Twitter follows if you want to keep up with the Hawks:

Peachtree Hoops:  @peachtreehoops
Locked On Hawks:  @lockedonhawks
Brad Rowland:  @BTRowland

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