Sports-Ish With Chad Shanks: Team Social Media in the Rise of NBA Twitter

Chad Shanks is a Content Creative for StatMuse, a creative technology company offering a language-based artificial intelligence platform for enhancing sports fan engagement.  Before that, he worked as the Social Manager for the Houston Rockets, doing basically the same job I did at the Hawks.  Chad is familiar with NBA Twitter and was among the original social managers during the era when NBA Twitter really started to thrive.

Chad has recently started a podcast to talk about sports-related topics off the field.  His very first episode spotlights NBA team accounts in the rise of social media, and he was kind enough to invite me on to be a part of it.  Myself, along with other NBA social pros, comment on how social accounts became personalities, the pitfalls of playing in a space senior executives didn’t (and still don’t) understand and the inevitable shift toward monetizing the space.

Give the episode a listen below, and if you want to hear the raw interview, I’ve included that as well:

Episode on iTunes
Episode on Google
Raw Interview

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