My 2018 MLB Predictions

Before each of the major sports seasons, my three brothers and I make our predictions for that sport.  It typically involves who we think will make the playoffs, our League/Conference championship picks, our overall champion, and major league awards.  The picks go into a Google Sheet and we compare at the end of every season.  You can say we’re competitive.

We made our MLB picks last week, so I’ve shared mine below.  Some of it is gut, some of it is “holy shit, the Yankees cannot be stopped.”

Leave a comment below with my I’m wrong:


Division Winners:  Nationals, Cubs, Dodgers
Wild Cards:  Rockies, Cardinals
Pennant:  Cubs


Division Winners:  Yankees, Twins, Rangers
Wild Cards:  Red Sox, Astros
Pennant:  Yankees


NL MVP:  Paul Goldschmidt
AL MVP:  Aaron Judge
NL Cy Young:  Clayton Kershaw
AL Cy Young:  Chris Sale


New York Yankees

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