Why I’m Starting A Sports Blog

For those who don’t know, I spent more than five years working for the Atlanta Hawks, serving as their Social Media Coordinator from 2012-15 and as their Digital Content Manager from 2015-18.  The job was awesome.  It came with many perks, most notably that I got paid to do what I would have paid to do if I wasn’t getting paid to do it: watch sports live in an arena.

While the job was a lot of fun, one downside is that I was often not allowed to publicly share my opinion on sports topics.  There are legal consequences to discussing certain NBA topics at certain times, and there were also topics that were off limits as a Hawks employee.  While at times disappointing, I knew the rules were in place to protect employees and the teams from outlandish tampering fines or similar disciplines.

This blog has no motive other than for me to get my thoughts documented.  I love writing and always have.  I wrote for my high school paper and majored in Journalism in college…it’s safe to say I’ve always loved words.  This blog isn’t intended to offend anyone (though I’m sure it will, the year is 2018 after all), nor is it intended to make any money.

I’ve kept a lot inside over the past half decade, and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you all now.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think as you follow along.  Or simply just ignore this if you have no interest.  Blogs were so five years ago.  I get it.

Anyway, let the writing begin…

7 thoughts on “Why I’m Starting A Sports Blog

  1. How liberating! I started a sports blog a few months back and have thoroughly enjoyed working on it. No hope for monetary gains here either- just the chance to write about something I love.


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